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True Story

We have a barn on our urban property with a unique situation; we share it with our neighbour. We are doing some work on the barn and our dog now has access to the neighbour's yard. Riley, our old lovable dog, has made new friends. He has been trained to knock on the door instead of barking. He knocked on the neighbour's back door, one of the girls answered and Riley curled up with the girls on the floor and watched some TV before heading home. I guess that is what it means to be old and lovable.


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Oh Ruby…

I wonder what she would do if I turned the water on? Unfortunately this bathroom is one of the rooms that we are going to gut in the house. I hope she doesn't get too attached to sleeping in the bathroom sink.

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Meet Ruby

The mice were winning.

Ruby is our new addition to the family. She is a very cuddly kitten with 27 toes. My husband wanted a cat with four wheel drive. She is all black, which means my dad won’t come to my house anymore; he’s superstitious. I didn’t think I was a “cat person”, but I’ve kind of taken to this little kitty… if only Riley the dog would learn to love her. He wants to eat her.


Stop flashing that thing in my face already! We all know I'm cute.

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Do Century Homes Need a Cat?

I guess you can imagine where this post is going. It is fall, the temperatures outside have dropped quickly, I’m baking again, and my husband is doing some work in the basement which involves leaving the window open without a screen for countless hours each day… The neighbourhood mice have viewed all of this as a welcome invitation. Welcome they are not. I have spent endless hours since they were discovered cleaning and sanitizing, which now involves a nightly ritual of scrubbing down counters, vacuuming, and trying to instill the importance of putting all dirty dishes in the dishwasher and securing the door; I may as well be talking to the wall… Every year around this time I wonder if we should adopt a mouser kitten. I am not certain about living with a cat. I’ve never had the opportunity. I do know, however, that it would sicken me to have a cat stroll across kitchen counters or across the dining room table. We trained our dog not to counter surf so maybe a cat can be trained too? I do have a lot of questions about cats. My cousin Elizabeth has two cats, she has had cats forever, and I think she volunteers at a cat shelter. I think I will have to enlist Elizabeth in helping me with my cat questions and maybe, just maybe she can work with Santa and I to bring us a kitten for Christmas. I’m sure the mice will be gone by then, they usually are, but I don’t trust myself to pick out a kitten, so hopefully she will help… and answer my gazillion questions (especially about the one about declawing – I’ve just set off the alarm bells of the animal rights activists, haven’t I?)

If you happen to know any informative cat websites, or have any funny cat stories to tell, please share! I still need a bit of convincing. We also have to convince our dog that this is a good idea too!

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