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Inspiring Books

A recent contest on the You Grow Girl blog asked what book is inspiring us lately. I couldn’t narrow it down to just one book. Here’s what is inspiring me right now, all by Canadian authors, which was not my intention. Not listed in any inspirational order:

Locavore by Sarah Elton (2010). What a treat this book has been and what an inspiration. I want to quit my job and start an urban garden… right now. But in the face of reality, I will continue to source out local foods at the many farmers’ markets in town and nearby. For example, a recent trip to Morden’s Organic Farm Store has been providing us with local, naturally raised meats.

Ripe from Around Here by Jae Steele (2010). This is a great vegan cookbook featuring locally purchased foods. I’m not vegan myself but I love the way Jae approaches local food in this book. I made her Rawsberry Cheesecake on the weekend (I made a different crust) and it was fabulous. Next up: watermelon juice – so simple, but I would never have thought of it, and it will be refreshing in this heat wave we are experiencing in southern Ontario.

Grow Great Grub by Gayla Trail (2010). This book is very inspirational for the home gardener. I just wish Gayla made house calls – I’m not too sure my vegetable garden is going to make it. The recipes in this book are also a bonus! If you purchase this book, you might also like Gayla’s other book: You Grow Girl.

The most inspiring thing about all of these books for me is that they are written by Canadian women – we have so much talent here!


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Four more sleeps…

Today is the first day of winter. We haven’t really had any real snow yet… so the few flakes that are fluttering down are kind of nice. Even my mom, who detests the snow, thought the little bit of snow falling was pretty. The last few years we have had a white Christmas. It doesn’t look too promising this year, and it has felt a little less Christmas-like, but I’m sure the snow will come eventually and I’ll be cursing it.

The last few weeks have been all about getting ready for Christmas and fighting insomnia. I’ve been really organized this year so I’m not sure what is causing the insomnia… I certainly don’t feel the usual stress of the holidays. The many sleepless hours have allowed me to finish a really good book in record time. I highly recommend that you add Still Alice to your reading list.

I am so organized this year that I already have the Christmas menu planned. I am hosting Christmas dinner this year with the help of my mom and this is what we’ve planned:

  • roasted garlic mashed potatoes 
  • baked butternut squash with apples
  • wild and white rice with roasted mushrooms, pearl onions and fresh herbs 
  • turkey sausage stuffing 
  • buttery bacon brussels sprouts 
  • greens beans and carrots with fresh thyme 
  • cabbage rolls
  • sauerkraut with kielbasa
  • heirloom beet and orange salad
  • homemade cranberry sauce
  • good ‘ol tommy turkey

…and for dessert… I think I’m going to attempt to connect with the French heritage I married into and make a Bouche de Noel (Yule Log) less the meringue mushrooms that seem to be part of the tradition… they just don’t seem Christmasy to me.

What are you planning for your Christmas dinner?

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