Gardening: Organic Poop and Garlic

September 29, 2010 at 10:04 am Leave a comment

The vegetable garden didn’t do as well as I had hoped this year. I figured out late in the summer that my soil was not healthy. After I applied some organic fertilizer my tomato plants grew like crazy and started to produce a gazillion tomatoes (they are still green), my bean plants provided me a very small crop and the pole beans climbed their way to the sky and are still flowering now, but no beans. I do not feel defeated. After all, this was my little garden’s first year… However, I do not want a repeat of last year so on our way home from Waterloo the other night, in pitch black darkness we stopped along the highway and purchased 2 bags of organic manure. I really do love the rural community and its honour pay system. I deposited my $4 in the make-shift diaper wipe box cash register (how ironic is that when buying poop!?), took my two bags of poop and happily trotted off home. I got the poop just in time too – my Purple Glazer Garlic (listed as easy to grow) arrived in the mail on Monday (with planting instructions). Armed with all this organic goodness, I am confident I will be harvesting garlic next year. If for some reason I’m not, I’m sure the garlic I give my dad to grow will do just fine in his garden and he’ll just have to share.

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