Maps: more than just coloured lines on paper

April 6, 2010 at 1:12 pm Leave a comment

I love the smell of an old map… I do, I really, really do. This past Sunday we were driving my step-daughter back to Wilfred Laurier University in Waterloo and there was some pretty slow traffic on the highway. I pulled out a well used map of the area from my side door pocket, opened it up and was presented with the smell similar to that of old books. With this smell came a rush of memories from having lived in the Guelph-Waterloo area for almost nine years myself. While mapping out an alternate route, I questioned our poor planning. Had we planned our trip better we could have visited St. Jacobs Farmer’s Market, taken a stroll in uptown Waterloo including a visit to the park and petting zoo (is it even still there?), and taken the back roads to Guelph on the way home so that we could enjoy a Fatman Burger at the Albion. If you haven’t had a Fatman Burger you really need to try one; the vegetarian burger is equally as good. However, I do recommend that you go in the summer so that you can sit outside on the patio. Of course, remembering the patio at the Albion reminded me of the many Friday nights we spent there and of course my 27th birthday party on the Albion’s patio, which was tons of fun (I won’t say anymore). This, reminded me of some of the friends I left behind, including Kim and Paul and their dog Sam from our condo building, which, in turn, reminded me of my perfect little condo overlooking the conservation area… . Could you imagine if we had a GPS for the car? An annoying voice would have likely told us to take the road we were already on (I haven’t met a GPS for the car that I like yet), and I wouldn’t have been momentarily overtaken by the smell of an old map and the memories it conjured it up.


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