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The last few weeks have been a bit stressful around here. Drywall dust. A lot of drywall dust. No matter what you do to try to control it, nothing seems to work and it ends up everywhere. I can only take so much. It makes my eyes burn, nose run, and my skin gets so dry I swear it is going to crack if I attempt a smile, which is highly unlikely anyway when surrounded by drywall dust. The fact that I gave the house a thorough cleaning on the weekend means that we are THAT much closer to painting.

I mentioned in earlier posts, I cook or bake when I get stressed. Despite this, I don’t really have a go to comfort food. I’ve always relied on cooking to clear my mind and get the comfort most people find in actually eating food. On the weekend I wanted so desperately to try to make a risotto using barley. I don’t like risotto with arborio rice, but I like the idea of risotto; adding flavours and colours to it are endless. And so, I was ready to try making a pearl barley risotto. It just didn’t seem to happen. I made an aromatic vegetable broth in my crockpot on Friday ready for the risotto, but then I had to go out and buy the blinds for the bathroom  because my husband didn’t know you could do a custom order… I won’t get started on this… (but it was the last day to use our coupon and who doesn’t want to save money these days?) What it means is that there was no barley risotto on Friday. Saturday we visited  my step-daughter in another city.  So, Saturday = no barley risotto. Sunday I cleaned, played with my daughter, cleaned, lost my mind in drywall dust, cleaned some more, played with my daughter, you get the picture. So, Sunday = no barley risotto. Then came Monday and I was determined that I was going to have my barley risotto. It is a bit of a lengthy process, with adding warm broth a half cup at a time, but it was worth every last kernel of barley. I won’t post the recipe yet because the parmesan I used didn’t stand up to the barley and broth very well. I wanted a salty bite, a tang, a complement to the barley.

Goats Milk Parmesan from Italy

Thanks to Sam’s Cheese at our local farmer’s market I may have found what I have been looking for. On the recommendation of the lady that has worked there for 47 years(!!!), I purchased some freshly grated goat’s milk parmesan from Italy. They just grated it that morning. She gave me a taste and it was bold, yet smooth, tangy, yet light, and soft and airy in texture, the perfect for melting into smooth ribbons in my barley risotto. I can’t wait to try it this weekend.


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