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It’s that time of year again… everyone is either joining a gym or counting calories, or at least they are talking about it. Not me. I’ve never really been big on the whole New Year’s resolution thing. Why make a promise to myself (and publicly declare it, no less!) during the cold winter months when my personal motivation is the lowest?

While people were plotting their weight loss, stop smoking antics, and the like, I was cooking up a batch of black beans in my pressure cooker. I bought my pressure cooker last year during the summer and hadn’t really used it (I bought it at Canadian Tire, but they don’t seem to carry it anymore. It looks like it has been replaced by this one).  However, in an effort to reduce our sodium intake (and no, I did not resolve to do this when the clock struck 12), I decided that I would prepare all of our beans in the pressure cooker as opposed to relying on the canned, sodium-laced ones. Not only is there less packaging involved, but the beans actually tasted better and had a better texture. It took a bit of experimenting with the bean to water ratio and cooking time, but in the end, my first attempt at cooking beans in the pressure cooker was a culinary success! Yeah beans! I ended up with about 5 cups of beans so I was even able to freeze some for my future black bean needs. For the time being, my pressure cooker is my favourite kitchen gadget. What’s yours?


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