Brrr… Tea Time!

November 15, 2009 at 8:37 pm Leave a comment

The cold weather is almost upon us. We’ve actually had an above seasonal fall this year, but alas, winter is just around the corner. It must be getting cooler because I’ve noticed that my tea consumption has increased as of late. I try to avoid caffeinated tea because I find caffeine hard on my system and my naturopath doesn’t approve of it. I do have to agree with her; I never feel quite right after consuming too much (one cup) of caffeinated tea. That’s not to say that there are several out there that I absolutely love – like the chocolate mint oolong tea I’ve been enjoying, cream royale (caramel flavoured black tea), or red and white fusion  (a delightful mix of roiboos tea and white tea). I also enjoy many decaffeinated teas as well like the mint leaves I grow in my garden or red raspberry leaf tea. Actually, I’m quite addicted to having a cup of red raspberry leaf tea before bed.

ladybug on mint 2

This is my daughter's first or many ladybug encounters. We found it in our patch of mint in the herb garden. (Summer 2009)


My naturopath’s office provided a nice summary of the caffeine in tea and coffee a few months back in their newsletter. Here’s their summary:

  • Coffee (5 oz. Cup): 80 mg
  • Black Tea (one tea bag): 40 mg
  • Oolong Tea (one tea bag): 30 mg
  • Green Tea (one tea bag): 20 mg
  • White Tea (one tea bag): 15 mg
  • Decaf Tea (one tea bag): 2 mg
  • Herbal Tea (one tea bag): 0 mg

My thoughts are that it is okay to have a tiny bit of caffeine in my tea if it is a flavour that I really enjoy. So after consulting the Internet, I have found that I can remove around 80% of caffeine simply by steeping the leaves for 30 to 45 seconds in boiling water, dumping it out, and re-steeping the leaves. Huh, too easy. Some sources suggest that it is better to only do this with tea leaves as opposed to commercially prepared tea bags because they lose their flavour quickly. I have a collection of both, so I guess it is time to get experimenting.


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