Why do we need a basement?

November 12, 2009 at 10:44 am Leave a comment

Our Basement 2009

Our basement in July 2009

I recently read an article about a woman who “lost it”. After purchasing a century home that needed renovating, starting a family, and ten years later… she pulled the make-shift-sink right out of the wall of her kitchen. I can relate to this woman. I have a make-shift kitchen. I’m not too sure why, but my husband is insisting that we need a basement and we cannot do anything else in the house until the basement has been dug out. This isn’t simply going in with a shovel and hauling out some dirt. We are on limestone; a lot of limestone. Digging out the basement means chipping away at rock in a four foot high crawlspace. This seems ludicrous to me when we already have two floors, a walk up attic, and plans to build a garage in the future. I suppose this wouldn’t be so bothersome if he was actually down there digging, and I didn’t have to cook (one of the simple things in life that I really enjoy doing) in a make-shift kitchen. And so, I wait…

Marital Status: Still married, but there is a giant hole being dug in our basement (I’ll let you use your imagination!).


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